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Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Calling

A tip of the hat to Paul Wells of Macleans Magazine who in a recent posting noted:
"If you were a fanatic murderer who liked to flatter yourself on your knowledge of history and you wanted to terrorize a population, could you possibly choose a worse target than the people of London?"

My own Mother lived through the London Blitz when the German Luftwaffe tried to bomb the British into submission during the Second World War. Although she rarely spoke about it, she did mention to me her experiences as a girl of 14 living through the London Blitz and walking passed smashed houses and stepping over dead bodies.

Later in the war she was almost killed when a V1 “doodlebug” - the forerunner of today's cruise missiles - hit the hospital she was staying at while recovering from abdominal surgery. She crawled through the billowing smoke to the nursery, grabbed a screaming baby, and carried it while crawling on her hands and knees out of that hospital. In doing so she saved both herself and that baby who was later reunited with its mother.

That is the true spirit and toughness of a Londoner and for an update of that spirit I direct you to a recent posting by a London blogger who was in the train car behind one of the ones that got hit. His sentiments although profane, perfectly capture the anger and defiance felt by many Londoners and those of us who are only one generation removed from London.

It is also worth noting that as was the case in New York, Madrid and now London, it was innocent civilians both young and old, black and white, Christian and Muslim who were killed. And I am pleased to see more and more Muslim leaders and organizations speaking out against these terrorists and their cowardly attacks on unarmed men, women and children.

With every act of murder these terrorists earn nothing but the contempt of civilised people around the world. They strengthen our democratic resolve while they defile their own religion. Thus with every terrorist act they bring closer the day in which everything they stand for will be swept away by those seeking freedom, democracy, tolerance and peace.

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