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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We have to support Stanwick's habit

Times Colonist (Victoria)
Page: A11 Section
Letters Byline: Michael Geoghegan
Source: Times Colonist
Re: "The Island's health crusader," the three full pages devoted to Dr. Richard Stanwick, Dec. 18.

It was enlightening to learn of a public official who has such high regard for his own intellect that he is willing to completely ignore public opinion.

This was certainly in evidence back in September when Stanwick attempted to push through a series of bylaw amendments without any public consultation, or even advance warning to the Capital Regional District board of directors.

There are city officials in both Toronto and Winnipeg who certainly could have further enlightened your readers on Stanwick's modus operandi, and the negative impact his controversial decisions tended to have on the local small business community.

But in the CRD Stanwick has found the ideal home. The CRD is not directly accountable to the public and thus Stanwick has virtually a free hand to come up with new rules and regulations governing every aspect of our lives.

In his worldview Stanwick knows what is best for us and we as citizens and small business owners should be grateful to cover the cost of having our freedoms curtailed.

Michael Geoghegan,

Illustration:• Photo: Bruce Stotesbury, Times Colonist / CRD MEDICAL HEALTH OFFICER DR. RICHARD STANWICK: Won't listen to public opinion, a writer says.

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