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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Move British Columbia's legislative library to a new building

The pending (temporary) closure of the BC legislative library has created quite a furor in the local media lately here is the quick missive I fired off to the local paper which was published today in the Times-Colonist:

Instead of simply saying no to the proposed closure of the legislative library, I think there is an opportunity here for us to have an eyesore removed from near our cherished legislature.

I am speaking about the hideously ugly "temporary" buildings erected behind the legislature in the 1950s.

The clear win/win is to tear down these 50-year-old temporary tin and clapboard structures and build a new office building that would house a larger and more publicly accessible legislative library while at the same time allow for the required expansion of office space for the politicians and their staff within the legislature.

Michael Geoghegan
Victoria, BC

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