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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Excusing the men who ran away

Bravo to Mark Steyn for having the courage in his MacLean's column excusing the men who ran away to point out the fact that our public education system has since the 1970s been churning out ever more passive students, especially amongst males.

As Mark Steyn points out in his column about the Montreal Massacre which saw 14 women gunned down, no one thought to act alone or in concert against the crazed gunman. In our schools today our children are taught not to stand up to bullies but to simply be passive and report the matter to the teacher or principal.

I have taught both my son and daughter that they not only have the right but the responsibility to stand up to bullies. The result is that they have no problems with being bullied and other children in their school have learned from their example much to the horror and disgust of the teaching establishment who peddle the mantra of be passive, be a victim, then report the incident to those in authority.

That mantra greatly helped Mark Lepine to slaughter those 14 women, it kept both the men and women docile instead of attacking him en masse. If instead those students had been taught by our public school system to defend themselves many of those 14 women would still be alive today.

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