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Friday, March 20, 2009

Kudos to Nanaimo

You know it's not every day I get the red carpet rolled out for me. But that is what happened when a couple of days ago I was invited by Bruce Williams of CTV to meet with some of the people who have done so much to improve Nanaimo's downtown area over the last six years.

I was treated to a delicious lunch at one of the recently refurbished eating establishments in the downtown core. Present at the lunch was Bruce, myself, economic development officer Marilyn Hutchinson, media relations Chelsea Barr, Matt Hussmann managing director of Downtown Nanaimo and Cathy Dyck of Tourism Nanaimo.

The meal and the company were both fabulous as was the decor which very much reminded me of Yaletown except with more elbow room and much easier parking! We then travelled next door where I met with George Leschuk who owns a gallery and framing shop. It was while touring the gallery that I also had the chance to chat with Mayor John Ruttan who has done so much to help spearhead the revitilisation of downtown Nanaimo.

Then it was off to meet with Denise Tacon, general manager of Nanaimo's Vancouver Island Conference Centre. This building is truly impressive as was Nanaimo's brand new museum which includes many interesting artifacts from Nanaimo's colourful history.

The final treat was being given a box of Nanaimo bars from a local bakery that put to shame the kind they sell on BC Ferries. These things were beyond scrumptious! So on this morning's radio show did I make a point of working in a plug for Nanaimo? You betcha!

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