Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Why Trump Won

Let me say first of all I totally get it. All those once middle class white and blue collar workers in the US, watching their incomes stagnate, barely holding on after the recession took their job and their family and the recovery gave them a McJob that they can't survive on. The US government took $700 billion of their tax dollars and bailed out Wall Street so that the high rollers there still got their multi million dollar bonuses for tanking the economy, and the average American still got a foreclosure notice on their home.
Barack Obama was elected with a clear mandate for change. But instead of delivering change he tried to compromise with the Republicans who had no interest in working with a black President. So in the first two years when he could have and should have made changes while he had a legislative majority he wasted that time.
As a result, the progressives that had been so excited by Yes We Can stayed home in the 2010 election year. Meanwhile the GoP was able to fire up its base over the temerity of having a non white as President of the USA thus giving the GoP the numbers to thwart much of Obama's cautious agenda. The result was a recovery that benefited the wealthy and did nothing for the average person.
Two candidates offered a way out from the status quo in a nation desperate for change. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump. The DNC in it's arrogance knew it was Hillary Clinton's turn and did their best to ensure her coronation, thus undermining the legitimacy of Hillary's candidacy.
So after she secured the nomination did Hillary move to secure those that had supported Bernie? Did she pick him as her VP? Nope, he was too socialist and scared the big money backing her. Well what about U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren? Nope, instead she went with Tim Kaine. Then she pivoted not to disaffected Bernie supporters, but to Wall Street and Republican establishment who were horrified that Trump had secured their party's nomination.
I have never been more grateful to be Canadian right now. Trump's victory speech was better than I expected. He talked about rebuilding America's crumbling infrastructure, which is needed and will put Americans back to work (assuming it isn't outsourced to Temporary Foreign Workers).
Meanwhile the desperate in the decline will wait to see if Trump rips up the trade agreements that took away their jobs and their dignity. And as bad as these white folks may have it they also hope and expect that Blacks and Hispanics plus of course the LGBT community and Muslims will have it much worse in Trump's America and thus the god given order of things will have been restored.
The GoP congress will continue to put forward tax cuts for the 1% and Trump will gladly sign those into law. He is after all still a member of that 1%. Meanwhile to help get the deficit under control there will have to be cuts for social services and the like, thus once again doubling down on socialism for the rich and rugged individualism for the poor.
I was not a fan of Hillary. But I did come to understand how a society as sexist as the United States forced her to be someone she wasn't. She tried being herself years ago as Hillary Rodham and that went over like a lead balloon with the electorate thus she had to become Hillary Clinton.
Trump may do some good but the odds are is that he will do much that is awful. Time will soon tell. Good luck America you are going to need it.

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