Friday, February 01, 1991

Disastrous for the SQ to purchase tanks

The Gazette (Montreal)

If the Surete du Quebec were to buy Leopard tanks for use against the Mohawks, it would do immense damage to the credibility of Quebec as well as the international reputation of Canada. Many western Canadians find it hypocritical of Quebecers to claim linguistic oppression from "English" Canada while then proceeding to brutally oppress native Canadians living in Quebec.

The only thing more disastrous than the purchase of these tanks would be their use. Are Quebecers so insecure that they must deal with natives the same way the Kremlin has dealt with Lithuanians?

How hollow the claims of Quebec's French media now seem when they tried to paint Manitoba's politicians as bigots because that province refused to pass the Meech Lake accord. The precipitous actions by the mayor of Oka, the Keystone Kop antics of the Surete du Quebec and the reaction of local white francophone Quebecers have left an indelible image. By demonstrating their intolerance for any culture that isn't white and francophone, it is now Quebec nationalists who are seen as the bigots.

I urge all Quebec residents to demand that their government stop trying to intimidate and harass the Mohawk people and start talking. If Quebecers refuse to listen to the concerns of native Canadians, they have no reason to expect the rest of Canada to listen to the concerns of Quebecers.