Thursday, November 14, 1996

so they can do it again

Victoria Times Colonist
On this Remembrance Day, I thought I would take the time to write to you regarding your Nov. 10 front-page article, ''A look back in anger.''

The story concerned a local lawyer and his attempts, under the guise of free speech, to try to deny the fact that millions of Jews, homosexuals, resistance fighters and political prisoners were killed in Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War.

Your article prompted my wife to ask me, ''Why would anyone want to deny that the Holocaust happened?'' I was stumped for a minute until an answer came to me that was chillingly logical, ''So they can do it again.''

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and for this reason, I hope that we will continue to honor Remembrance Day long after the last veteran of the Second World War has passed away.