Saturday, October 09, 2010

Letter to Editor Vancouver Sun

Opposing views on
Vancouver Sun
Sat Oct 9 2010
Page: C3
Section: Editorial
Byline: Michael Geoghegan
Source: Vancouver Sun

The Robert Picktons of the world have little to fear as long as we have columnists like Daphne Bramham trotting out the same old naive tripe about prostitution.

Sweden is arresting johns and doing undercover sting operations, and she thinks this will result in the abolition of prostitution.

News flash: Most western countries have busted johns for decades and had undercover policewomen running sting operations. All it led to is increased violence against women.

As long as any aspect of prostitution is illegal, prostitutes will be forced to operate from the shadows, pimps will profit and women will die. Full decriminalization allows for regulation, which will lead to the protection of prostitutes.

Michael Geoghegan Victoria